About us

MVP stands for Music, Video & Photography

Strategic marketing designed to perform brilliantly

A multi-disciplinary agency specializing in the development of visually appealing materials.
We strive to turn great ideas into superiour and rigorous design via smooth transitions and dynamic refinements.
We are able to hand-tailor each identity, crafting storytelling visuals
and robust communication channels.

Mihail Victor Păduraru - Founder & C.E.O
Stelian Vasile - Co-Founder & Film Editor

Marius BĂRAȘ - Songwriter, Music Composer, Arranger and Writer
Vali BĂRBULESCU - Mixed Media Artist
Mihai Stoian - Creative Director

Kolea Plesco - DevOps
Alexandru Cosor - Full Stack Developer
Vlad Stoica - Security Software Developer
Viorel Răduși - Senior Web Developer
Robert Staicu - Frontend Developer

More details about us and the rest of the team very soon.

We are constantly in search of the latest technologies, allowing compelling and innovative solutions,
while tackling both simple and complex problems,
and developing effective brand recognition.
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